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With Lottie, you can visualize real performance data and turn it into a visual experience that captivates everyone. And the best thing about it? The resulting Lottie animations are super easy and only take up a few KB. This allows you to convey your message elegantly without affecting the loading times of your website or app.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

The ability to transform Excel data into Lottie animations is really exciting. It is this innovative interface that transforms dry tables into something that is visually vibrant and captivating. Here is some information and resources to help you on this exciting journey:

What are Lottie animations?

Lottie is a compact animation format that was originally developed for Adobe After Effects and exists as a JSON file. It is ideal for seamlessly integrating complex animations into websites, apps and other digital media.

The Lottie Creator

If you want to convert your Excel data into Lottie animations, the Lottie Creator is your tool of choice. This tool lets you create animations by allowing you to set keyframes and use presets. It is perfect for beginners and advanced users who want to take their data to a new level.

Free Lottie animations

And if you’re looking for inspiration: LottieFiles offers a huge library of free Excel animations in Lottie format. There you can find high-quality files in Lottie JSON, dotLottie, MP4 and GIF format and integrate them directly into your projects. A little tip for WordPress developers: Install the plugin “WP Add Mime Types” and add “json = application/json” to the setting – then you can host JSON files yourself and don’t need to link them to your Lottie dashboard.

Data visualization with Lottie is the perfect solution for companies that value precise and attractive data communication - like our valued customer, the private bank Bellerive AG.

Norbert Kathriner

Lottie animations for data visualization

Using Lottie animations to present financial data in a dynamic and engaging way is a fascinating possibility. It goes far beyond creating micro-animations – it’s a serious opportunity to take data visualization to a new, attractive level.

Our specially developed interface guarantees a precise translation of your numerical data into animated price trends. Whether it’s share prices, financial benchmarks or complex data patterns, our technology makes it possible. This seamless transition from Excel to Lottie opens a new chapter in the way financial institutions communicate with their customers.

Conclusion: Take the opportunity to revolutionize your data communication.

If you want to present your financial data in a dynamic and appealing way, using Lottie animations is definitely an option worth considering. Make your numbers talk and tell the story of your success in a way that is both informative, engaging and memorable. With Lottie, you are not only investing in innovation, but also in efficiency and style.