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Brand identity

Does your brand appear inconsistent and lack recognizability?

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What is brand identity?

Brand identity encompasses all the visual and communicative elements that make up a brand and distinguish it from others. This includes logos, colors, typography, images, tone of voice and values.

Why is a clear brand identity important?

A clear brand identity creates recognizability, trust and loyalty among your customers. It helps your brand to stand out from the competition and establish an emotional connection with your target group.

How do I define the personality of my brand?

You can describe your brand’s personality through attributes such as values and beliefs, behavior, tone of voice and visual appearance. Use Brand Personality Sliders and Empathy Cards to clearly define these characteristics and create a consistent brand identity.

What are empathy cards and how do they help my brand?

Empathy cards are tools that help you visualize the thoughts, feelings and actions of your target group. They enable you to better understand the perspective of your customers and develop effective marketing strategies based on this.

How do I develop a visual concept for my brand?

A visual concept includes all visual elements of your brand, such as color palettes, typography and image styles. It ensures that your brand is visually consistent and appealing. Develop a brand identity board to visualize and standardize all visual components of your brand.

Why is the tone of voice important for my brand?

The tone of voice is crucial for the communication of your brand. It ensures that your messages are consistent and authentic and helps to build a strong emotional connection with your target group. Define the tone of voice and core messages of your brand to ensure consistent communication.

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