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Dynamic price visualization & financial podcast

In 2024, Bellerive AG, a renowned Swiss private bank with a strong entrepreneurial DNA, approached us to revolutionize their corporate and web design.

Inspired by the company’s unique philosophy and long-standing tradition, we set ourselves the challenge of creating an online presence that reflects both the timelessness and progressive vision of the bank.

The project included a comprehensive package consisting of corporate design, web design, backend and frontend development, the integration of a podcast and the implementation of Lottie technology for dynamic course visualizations as well as the design of Office templates.

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Privatbank Bellerive
Privatbank Bellerive
Privatbank Bellerive AG

The result of our commitment is a finely tuned, dynamic online presence that embodies the motto “less is more” in an impressive way.

With meticulous attention to every detail, we have created a platform that not only emphasizes Bellerive AG’s values and strengths, but also expresses its vision for the future and its commitment to its customers. The integration of cutting-edge technologies and the emerging podcast are just the beginning of an ongoing journey as we redefine the digital landscape together.


The DNA of Privatbank Bellerive AG finds its design

We have developed a web presence for Bellerive AG that is more than just a business card on the Internet. It is a living reflection of the bank’s philosophy, its entrepreneurial DNA and its commitment to its customers. By using Lottie technology to visualize courses and performances, we have created a special highlight that is not only informative but also visually appealing. The website is characterized by its user-friendliness, elegant design and interactive elements that invite users to delve deeper into the world of Bellerive AG.

Another key aspect of our work was the launch of a podcast, which serves as an innovative communication tool to bring the bank’s philosophy, vision and unique offering to a wider audience. This step underlines the bank’s willingness to break new ground in customer communication and sends a clear signal for the future.

Future activities will focus on continuously developing the website, implementing new features and keeping the content up to date. Our commitment to Bellerive AG is long-term, with the aim of continuously improving its online presence and adapting it to the changing needs of its customers. Through this ongoing partnership, Bellerive AG will consolidate and expand its position as a leading bank in the digital era.

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