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Brand development for one of Switzerland’s leading consulting firms

CapstoneLaw provides exceptional advice across the full spectrum of wealth management and financial services, private markets investment, distribution, banking and financial regulation, compliance, corporate, transactional and commercial matters, and corporate, environmental and social governance.

Visible behavior as brand essence

It pays to have integrity.

Visible behavior is decisive for the effect. CapstoneLaw is considered a dominant force in the Swiss private fund markets. In the positioning process, but above all in the collaboration with company founder Hans Moritz, it quickly became clear that behind the narrative of “dominance” lies the actual brand essence, namely integrity as a central building block for conveying trust. The development of the corporate design and the new website follows this claim.


Demand on brand development

In the world of financial services and wealth management, where trust and integrity are paramount, CapstoneLaw stands out for its exceptional advisory expertise. CapstoneLaw sets new standards in the industry with a broad range of services – from wealth management and private markets investments to compliance and corporate governance. The brand essence “integrity” forms the foundation of all company activities and is underpinned by the visible behavior of CapstoneLaw and its founder Hans Moritz.

As part of a comprehensive brand development drive, we have refreshed CapstoneLaw’s corporate design and website to reflect this ethos. Our goal was to create a platform that is not only optimized for search engines, but also communicates the exclusivity and high-quality standards of CapstoneLaw.

Working with Hans Moritz, the renowned founder and partner of CapstoneLaw, gave us deep insights into the complex world of asset management and financial market regulation. Moritz’s expertise in the establishment, marketing and management of private funds and his extensive experience in advising institutional and private investors formed the basis for our work.

The result of our work is a digital presence that not only positions CapstoneLaw as a dominant force in the Swiss private funds markets, but also highlights its commitment to integrity and trust in the industry. Visit the newly redesigned website to learn more about CapstoneLaw’s exceptional advisory expertise: CapstoneLaw

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